Vero Tower 70

Vero Tower 70

A beautiful, luxurious, and capable system that will look great in your restaurant, hotel, office, fitness center, and more. The Tower70 delivers 70 liters of cold Still & Sparkling Vero Water in an hour.

LEASE TODAY and receive our state-of-the-art Vero+4 and unmatched Vero customer service. We are your partner every step of the way. Leases include:

Shipping & Installation
48 Signature Bottles
Service & Maintenance

PURCHASE TODAY and receive our state-of-the-art Vero Tower 70. For information on our service plan options click here.

Service Plan Options
A Vero Water service plan is required when purchasing a Vero system. Leased units include all maintenance and filter changes.

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Dimensions & Specifications

System Dimensions:

Height 25.5 in | 647.7 mm
Width 5.125 in| 129 mm
Depth 19 3/8 in.
Drip Tray Length 12.25 in | 311.2 mm
Drip Tray Width 7.5 in | 190.5 mm
Drip Tray Depth 1 in | 25.4mm
Dry Weight Tower 20 lbs. | 9 kg
Dry Weight Chiller & Carbonator 94 lbs. | 42.6 kg

*Requires a 2 inch | 50mm hole drilled in countertop


Ice Bank 22 lbs. | 10 kg
Chilling Capacity 70 Liters in an hour (varies with ambient water temperature)
Maximum Flow Capacity 240 liters per hour
Power Voltage 115 V
Frequency 60Hz
Running Amps 9 Amps
CO2 Specifications Available hookup for external CO2 tank or bulk CO2 supply. Connected with 1/4” poly tubing to the refrigeration and carbonation unit. Runs at 55 psi.
Water Supply/Pressure PSI (BAR) 3/8" poly tubing for water connection. 40 psi min - 60 psi max (2.75 - 6.9 bar). Pre regulated with proper backflow prevention. Can add water pressure regulator if necessary

Download Specification Sheet

Service Plans

A service plan is required for Vero Water purchases. We recommend the 750 Gallon Per Month Filter Plan for residential systems and the Total Care Service and Repair Plan for heavily used business systems.

Annual Cost per Vero Dispensing Unit $54999 $1,49999 $1,99999 $2,99999
Included Filters Max Capacity 9,000 Gal. 9,000 Gal. 15,000 Gal. 18,000 Gal.
Preventative Maintenance1 $120 / hr.
(if requested by client)
up to
3X / yr.
up to
5X / yr.
up to
6X / yr.
Shipping and installation of equipment $500 $500 $500 $500
24/7 phone support
30-day installation guarantee
Ability to use Vero Water® trademarks & bottles2 -
1 year parts only warranty -
2 year extended parts only warranty, (compressor excluded) - - -
On-site, On-Demand service labor3 $120 / hr. $120 / hr. $120 / hr.
  1. Preventative Maintenances will be performed during scheduled filter changes, as dictated by filter ratings and consumption, or every 180 days, whichever is soonest. Maximum visits determined by plan selection.
  2. Ability to offer or sell Vero Water® branded water is only allowed for Customer's who are then actively enrolled in the 750 Gal/Mo. Service Plan, the 1250 Gal/Mo. Service Plan or the Total Care Plan. Unless otherwise and separately agreed to in writing by Vero Water, Inc., Customer agrees Vero Water reserves the right to remove all Vero Branded Merchandise from the premises, including any bottles bearing Vero Water's trademarks or intellectual property.
  3. On-site service labor charges includes time spent working on-site plus driving time needed to get to your location. Overtime charges of $200 per hr. apply to night and weekend on-demand service visits.

Installation Requirements

Vero Tower 70 Pre-Installation Checklist

In order to prepare for the installation of your Vero Water system, ensure your space meets the following requirements. For more information and specifications view your units specification sheet here.

Countertop Placement The Vero Tower 70 needs an open space where the unit fits with a 2 inch hole. Ensure you have a space 26 inches high and 5.25 inches wide and a 2 inch hole drilled in the counter where the unit will be placed.

Undercounter Space The Vero Tower 70 requires an undercounter space to fit the Co2 tank and the unit’s external filtration and chilling kit. This filtration kit requires an undercounter space measuring 29.25 inches high, 26.5 inches wide and 28 inches deep in addition to space for the Co2 tank

Power An outlet must be within 6 feet from where the system will be placed with no extension cords and with the ability to run up to 10 Amps and 60 Hz. The system runs at 115 V, 60 Hz, and 2 Amps.

Water Supply A cold water source must be within 8 feet of the system with a min. pressure rating of 35 psi up to a max of 60 psi (2.75 - 6.9 bar). The Inspire 2 can be connected directly to a 3/8” compression shut off valve. A John Guest Angle Stop Valve can also be used when connecting to an existing sink.

Compression Shut Off Valve

Compression Shut Off Valve

Angle Stop Valve

Angle Stop Valve

Co2 All Vero systems that operate with Sparkling water will require Co2. All clients are required to maintain the management of Co2 including the sourcing, swapping, and replacing of Co2 tanks. All Vero water units include the initial tank or in-Line Regulator. The most common size used for Vero is a 20lb Co2 tank. The estimated dimensions and sparkling water capacities of common CO2 tank sizes are listed below. The Co2 tank pressure is between 50-60 psi.

CO2 Tank Sizes

Some popular options to purchase CO2 tanks can be found below. These services typically charge for the initial tank and then provide exchanges based on your preferred exchange method.

Not sure if you are ready to install? Click here for a pre-install checklist, or call us today and schedule a pre-install visit.

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