Vero Client, Kush, Wins Top Honor at SOBE Wine and Food Festival Burger Bash

Vero Client, Kush, Wins Top Honor at SOBE Wine and Food Festival Burger Bash

Miami favorite and Vero Water client, Kush won the top honor at South Beach Wine and Food Festival 2021. 

Kush's Frita Burger took the Heineken People's Choice Award which Bobbly Flay, a prior winner of the award himself and the 2021 Burger Bash host called "the award we all want to win." The Frita Burger brings the Miami flair to its burger by topping it with Guava, crispy potato sticks, and it's secret sauce. Accepting the award this year was Leo Osorio, head chef at Kush Hialeah. Matt Kuscher, owner and chef of Kush, stayed home to let Osorio be in the spotlight. 

To read the full story from The Miami Herald click here. 


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