Order A Sanitizing Kit
Depending on how long your system has remained idle, a deep sanitization utilizing one of the following kits will safely ensure your Vero Water continues to have the exceptional taste you love.

Filter & Sanitizing Kit
Used for sanitation of the systems with existing filters that are not expired or inactive for over six months.
This kit includes: 
- A 32oz bottle of Vital Oxide sanitizer to be utilized for the surface cleaning, filter, and line sanitation
- 3 Hygienic faucet nozzle brushes
- The sanitizer holding filter with an applicator bottle

Full System Sanitizing Kit
Used for sanitation procedures where the existing filters are expired or have gone inactive for over six months.
This kit includes: 
- Everything in the Filter & Sanitizing Kit and a 5 filter position bypass plugs to allow for the sanitizer to move through the system without filters installed.  
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Would you like a service technician to complete the sanitization for you at an additional cost of $140/hr for labor and travel?
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