Why Imported Bottled Water is Bad for the Environment and Bad for Business

For the Environment: In the US alone, production of disposable water bottles uses 20 million barrels of oil annually—enough oil to fuel 1 million cars for an entire year! Even with the progress we’ve made toward going green, only 1 out of 5 plastic water bottles are recycled leading to 3 billion pounds of plastic water bottle waste each year. That’s twice the weight of the Golden Gate Bridge being sent to landfills every year! By using Vero Water’s bottled water system, you can help reduce your carbon footprint by removing disposable water bottles from the trash cycle and replacing them with a sustainable bottled water solution.  

For Business: In recent years, people have become increasingly conscious of not only their own carbon footprint, the carbon footprint of the establishments they frequent. Folks are choosing hospitality venues that are as eco-friendly as they are. Vero Water’s bottled water systems are a perfect addition to eco-friendly initiatives which help your business toward earning Green Certifications such as a Green Seal and LEED. Going green can increase revenue and may earn credits from your local, state and national governments.

When you join the Vero Water family, you will receive an ample supply our Vero Still and Vero Sparkling one-liter bottles with the system. They have been specially designed for reuse and simple cleaning and are durable enough to withstand daily washing in industrial dishwashers. A specially designed, machine-washable plastic bottle is also available for poolside service. These eco-friendly water bottles are arguably the best on the market so not only are they good for the environment, they’re good for business too.