Whole Foods Accidentally Sells Asparagus Water In California

If you didn’t hear this story about Whole Foods accidently selling asparagus water, then you missed a good laugh. When Brentwood store customers found bottles of water filled with raw asparagus called asparagus water and sold for a whopping $5.99, of course social media blew up with pictures of the new concoction.


However, Whole Foods said it was a mistake, and those bottles were not supposed to be on the shelves. They are experimenting with selling vegetable and mushroom infused water a la the bone broth craze. Whole Foods executives figure that if people will sip broth for its health benefits, they’ll probably do the same with fresh vegetable infused water. The only problem is that the asparagus water does not look or sound like it would taste good. What happened to staying hydrated with just delicious water?


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