Welcome To The Heart Of The Drinking Season

Welcome To The Heart Of The Drinking Season

It’s a fact that the period of time between Thanksgiving and New Years is the heart of the drinking season. If you’re like most Americans you have a full schedule of family, work and personal vacation parties. While we do advocate enjoying yourself, there is one secret that’s not really a secret when it comes to staying on your game: hydration.

You need to keep drinking water, especially when the volume of food and drink that you’re consuming increases. Your body will thank you and so will your mind when it just feels better.

The quality of water that you drink during this period is important as well. You don’t want to put water that is full of chemicals into your body. Your liver will just have to work harder when all it wants is a break.

As long as you stay hydrated, your body will thank you when you come back to reality after the holiday season ends. Enjoy yourself and of course, Happy Holidays!

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