Water Scarcity Is An International Problem, Says Researchers

Water Scarcity Is An International Problem, Says Researchers

A team of researchers used NASA satellites to conduct an 11-year study on the 37 largest aquifers in the world. What they found is cause for alarm amongst international environmentalists. 8 of those 37 aquifers are being depleted with almost no natural resource replenishment, according to the LA Times. Aquifers in Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan and northern Africa are the most stressed, with California making the list as well.

By using these 11 years of satellite images and taking into account people’s water use habits and the environment in that specific region, the researchers concluded that there’s much less water than was thought.

What the two new studies show is that more research needs to be done to really get a true snapshot of the world’s water reserves. Right now, it seems like what’s there is much less than previous estimates.

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