Washington State Declares Drought Emergency

Move Washington State towards the top of the list of U.S. states with extreme water issues. According to the LA Times, due to lower snowpack, an increase in temperatures and low natural water levels, Washington Governor Jay Inslee has declared a drought emergency. Things have gotten dramatically worse in the last few weeks and there’s a real concern about what needs to be done now.

The issue is a snowpack drought, not a rain drought. It is said that snowpack is 16% of normal and that has sounded off the emergency alarms. The State Department of Agriculture forecasts that $1.2 billion will be lost on crops and the salmon are in danger, two potentially devastating effects.

With the problems in California, it’s unfortunate that drought conditions are spreading to other regions, even though they are for different reasons. The climate seems to be changing and it’s important that we adjust our behavior to help preserve our natural resources.

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