Vero Water provides Sushi Roku with Still and Sparkling Water

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the fabulous W Hotel, Sushi Roku is part of the Innovative Dining Group, which runs a total of 12 amazing restaurants across the United-States. Voted “Top 10 Asian Restaurants” by Arizona Republic, Sushi Roku offers one of the best dining experiences made of modern Asian Cuisine, with a dazzling array of fresh sushi, luscious salads, thoughtful appetizers, and an extensive selection of hot entrees.

The freshness of the ingredients and the quality of the meals served at Sushi Roku are not the only factors of its success. The team also places emphasis on the quality of the beverages served to its guests, and especially the type of water that is provided in the restaurant. That is why Vero Water is now supplying Sushi Roku with the best purified water in the market in order to satisfy each customer with a great tasting clean water.

Not only does Vero provide an eco-friendly water, but it also helps Sushi Roku to minimize expenses. Its very functional water bottling system simply has to be linked to the restaurant’s existing water source, dispenses both still and sparkling water and makes every guests happy; no more need to buy tons of water bottles which are expensive and harmful for the environment.