Vero Water Provides Babbo with the Best Bottled Water

Opened by the legendary chef Mario Batali in New York City, Babbo is an Italian restaurant that is synonymous with fine dining. Babbo is a high class restaurant that offers a complete celebration of Italian food and lifestyle in the culinary capital of the United States. 

Eco-friendly bottled water by Vero Water plays a very important role in providing Babbo with the unique Italian feel and taste they are looking for. With a glowing 3-star review by Ruth Reichl of the New York Times, Babbo is looking for excellent quality, something that is always delivered by Vero Water. Babbo’s quality is also recognized and appreciated by the world-famous Michelin Guide, which awarded the restaurant a prestigious one star rating back in 2011.

With a strong vision of providing a unique dining experience for every guest, Babbo is a gateway to an unforgettable evening. With Vero Water, Babbo guests can be sure they are served the best purified water on the market.

Vero Water’s philosophy blends into Babbo’s approach for every guest – providing a clear, tasteful, and fascinating sense. As a top-level water bottling system, Vero Water clearly deserves its place at Babbo.