Vero Water Provides Azure by Allegretti with the Best Bottled Water

Located in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Azure by Allegretti is one of the best Seafood restaurants on the boardwalk. It is famous for its amazing capri cuisine and epic Saint-tropez soiree. The very talented Nice native Chef Alain Allegretti chooses the freshest ingredients and seafood from local waters and farms to satisfy his guests with delicious meals. Customers are also constantly amazed by Azure's great ambiance and stunning dining room.

In addition to providing his guests with great food, Allegretti also places emphasis on the quality of the beverages offered in his restaurant, and that is why Vero Water is now being served in Azure. For businesses such as Azure by Allegretti, the use of Vero water’s bottled water systems is actually a win-win situation because it guarantees a top quality great tasting clean water to its customers, while reducing expenditures with its very functional water bottling system.  

Vero Water is the industry leader in providing the finest still and sparkling restaurant bottled water to businesses such as Azure restaurant and continues to move forward as a company and brand, delivering top quality to its clients.