Vero Water provides Ai Fiori with a Still and Sparkling Water

Ai Fiori, which means “Among the Flowers” in Italian, is a restaurant located in the stylish Langham Place at the Fifth Avenue hotel in New York City. With the talented Chef Michael White at the helm of the team, the restaurant offers a menu with delicious dishes inspired from both italian and french cuisines. Ai Fiori promises a fine dining experience matched by amazing ambiance; upon entering entering the dining room, guests see a beautiful white marble bar where the skilled bar staff serves up expert mixologist Eben Freeman designed cocktails.

As Chef White keeps satisfying his guests with great food, he also wants to push it further by providing them the best quality purified water in the market. Vero Water is a great tasting Still and Sparkling Water that is only recently available in the New York market. Having top quality restaurant bottled water compliments the top quality food served in Chef White's restaurants. Vero Water continues to satisfy its customers and that is why Vero Water is the best in providing still and sparkling water.

While being synonymous with quality, Vero has enabled Ai Fiori to reduce costs thanks to its very functional water bottling system; no more need to buy plastic and glass water bottles, which is also a great way to protect the environment.