Vero Water Profile: Chef Mario Batali

When you think about Italian food in America, it’s hard for an image of Mario Batali to not flash in your mind. Between his iconic red hair, crocs and big smile, it’s amazing to think that he’s been in the public eye ever since Molto Mario premiered in 1997 on the Food Network. However, Molto Mario is just where his insertion into our awareness began. Television shows such as Mario Eats Italy and Iron Chef America increased his public image as not only a world-class chef, but especially as a world-class personality.

While many people know him best these days from his ABC show The Chew, to casual diners and foodies alike, his restaurants are staples of the New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and worldwide culinary scene. Names like Babbo, Del Poste and Otto Enoteca Pizzeria are always on the top of people’s favorite Italian eating experiences.

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