Vero Water President Featured In Five O`Clock, A Harry’s Magazine

Vero Water President Featured In Five O`Clock, A Harry’s Magazine

President of Vero Water David Deshe was recently featured in Five O`Clock, A Harry’s Magazine. If you’re not familiar with Harry’s, it’s an online shaving and razor company that is revolutionizing the way we shave. Like the founders of Harry’s, David is trying to revolutionize the way we drink water.

Vero’s filtration systems are used at hundreds of restaurants and resorts around the world. Rather than having to source, purchase and recycle/throw away countless commercial water bottles, Vero offers sleek designed reusable glass water bottles that can easily be filled using their countertop Nano-filtered water system. This is not only a more economical option for businesses, but also and importantly a more sustainable option for the environment. Vero’s water tastes great, with still and sparkling options, providing people with what they want.

Paying attention to what you drink is as important as actually drinking. Stay healthy and stay hydrated.

When it comes to in-house filtered water, Vero Water is quickly becoming the name in clean, refreshing and cost effective commercial and personal hydration. Many of the best restaurants and hospitality groups in the United States agree. Vero not only saves their clients money, but also provides them with a technologically superior, environmentally aware and sophisticated water bottling system. To learn more about Vero Water, check out our website, as well as our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.  

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