Vero Water Picked for Legendary Diamond Horseshoe

Vero Water Picked for Legendary Diamond Horseshoe

Real estate titan Aby Rosen looks to disrupt the pace of New York culture when he re-opens the doors this New Year’s Eve to the newly renovated Diamond Horseshoe nightclub, located in the basement of Time Square’s elegant Paramount Hotel. Blending the flare of this once legendary 40’s era nightclub and cabaret with the pulse of modern nightlife, quite simply, Rosen has done it right.  Having partnered with Randy Weiner, the sensation behind Sleep No More and as an installment of revered LDV Hospitality group, Diamond Horseshoe will be a surefire success.

Troubled by the obstacles of pumping life back into the subterranean space that has been forgotten for some 60 years, Rosen knew he had to raise the bar and truly create a unique experience for this project to work. He was quoted as saying, “If a club was shut for two years and you come up with something new, people say, Great, good nightclub.” In regards to this project Rosen commented, “But 60 years later, you have to come up with something better. That’s the challenge.” The challenge was met with $20 million dollars in restoration money and will open with a limited running show titled, “Queen of the Night.”

“Queen of the Night” is expected to be nothing shy of an interactive food art extravaganza curated by the brilliance of Jennifer Rubell who will collaborate with head chef Jason Kallert. The two will create what is being called a “dark debutante ball” of a meal for this production. For Rosen, every detail of this newly restored hotspot must be perfect and that is why he has chosen Vero Water, the industry trend-setter in providing environmentally friendly bottled water to quench the thirst of New York City’s elite partygoers at his establishment.

Once immortalized in the 1945 film titled “Diamond Horseshoe,” this club of the same name will now look again to instill the notions of excitement and awe into every guest stepping through those doors. With promises of circus performers, dancers, magic and much more, Diamond Horseshoe will undoubtedly affirm its position as the mecca of New York Nightlife. Aby Rosen’s unique vision and drive has turned a once forgotten space into a symbol, soon to be synonymous with the intrepidity of its curator.   

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