Vero Water On Display At 2015 NRA Show

Vero Water On Display At 2015 NRA Show

The 2015 National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show has come and gone and once again was a great event for all involved. The International Foodservice Marketplace is an event where if you are a name in the foodservice, hospitality and/or restaurant industries, you’re definitely in attendance.

Vero Water had a booth this year at this great event. Thank you to everyone who attended in Chicago and came by our booth to say hi. We had an amazing time as we always do.

In an age where technology and information is changing at a rapid pace, it’s amazing that we can all come together and share what we’ve been doing and discuss new trends and ideas moving forward. When it comes to customer satisfaction, business’ need to continue reinventing themselves to stay relevant.

You can come check us out at the Iron Fork event in Miami, July 30 at the Hyatt Regency. This is the official kickoff event for Miami Spice 2015.

When it comes to in-house filtered water, Vero Water is quickly becoming the name in clean, refreshing and cost effective commercial and personal hydration. Many of the best restaurants and hospitality groups in the United States agree. Vero not only saves their clients money, but also provides them with a technologically superior, environmentally aware and sophisticated water bottling system. To learn more about Vero Water, check out our website, as well as our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.