Vero Water Hydrates Flywheel Spinners

Vero Water Hydrates Flywheel Spinners

With 22 locations across twelve states in the country, Flywheel Spa & Fitness has long established itself as a premiere destination for spinning enthusiasts. Flywheel’s state of the art studios are a new standard for what an ultimate fitness experience should be like.

Vero water bottling systems are a part of Flywheel’s classes. This also shows the versatility of Vero Water’s product. Our systems have a huge positive impact on customers not only in restaurants, but in the fitness industry as well.

Flywheel approached Vero Water with a problem – they were spending thousands of dollars in expenses on water. They wanted to reduce their expenses, with the environmental factor in mind. By installing Vero Water’s eco friendly bottled water systems

Founders Ruth Zuckerman and Jay Galluzo opened their first Flywheel studio back in 2010. Since then, Flywheel has earned its reputation across the country. Vero Water is proud to be a part of the growing Flywheel family.

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