Vero Water Goes Abroad to Belize

Vero Water Goes Abroad to Belize

O Restaurant at Las Terrazas Resort located in Belize has taken a huge step in providing its customers with the very best drinking water in the country. O Restaurant has taken the initiative of going green and eco-friendly by having purchased a Vero purification system which removes impurities, chemicals and imperfections and leaving a crisp signature taste.

Dorian’s Angels were invited to O Restaurant by Executive Chef Patrick Armitage to check out their state of the art water filtrations system and to sample the refreshing water. O Restaurant uses a Vero+2 system which removes impurities, chemicals and imperfections. At the conclusion of purification, the water is perfectly chilled and delivered still or sparkling in the signature, reusable 1 liter glass bottle in a matter of seconds.

O Restaurant offers its customers Sparkling, Ambient or Still Vero Water in one-liter glass bottles or plastic bottles for poolside service at a very convenient price. Vero Water is also available for lunch and dinner at the restaurant. O Restaurant is the only establishment in the country and in Central America to offer Vero Water and takes pride in taking the green initiative.

Go on over to O Restaurant and try the refreshing Vero Water and remember, if the Angels recommend it, Its gotta be good.

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