U.S. Panel Says Coffee Is Good For You: Enjoy!

The great coffee debate has taken a turn for heavy coffee drinkers and lovers. We spoke about the U.S. Panel that recently made big changes to the national dietary guidelines. One of the big changes they made was their stance on coffee.


According to the panel that helps the U.S. government formulate its dietary guidelines, coffee is not only not bad for you, but consuming 3-5 cups a day is directly related to a reduced risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


The sugar and cream are the things that should be reduced, not the actual coffee. So it’s important that if you rely on a heavy daily coffee intake, lay off the sweet and creamy stuff.


Next time someone gives you a hard time for getting that extra cup of coffee, you can now let them know the truth: Coffee, while addictive, is not something that needs to be removed from your diet as an unwanted crutch. Enjoy it!

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