Top 5 Reasons to Stop Buying Bottled Water

1. Bottled water leads to water shortages: the manufacturing of water bottles requires vast amounts of water. You will be reducing your use of fossil fuels and ironically, water, by filling your own water bottles. The production of the plastic for water bottles actually uses more water than it takes to fill the water bottles! It takes three to five litres of water for every one litre bottle produced.

2. Bottled water contributes to climate change: one-quarter of the bottled water consumed every year is consumed outside of the country of origin, which means the transportation produces large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Our landfills cannot support bottled water: in some communities, the number of water bottles ending up in landfills is as high as 80%. If you think about it, you won’t add more plastics to our landfills or use precious energy to recycle them. Refilling your own water bottles at home is a simple way to protect our resources.

4. Quality varies: Don’t assume that bottled water is better because you’re paying a premium for it. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency points out that the quality of bottled water varies: “Some bottled water is treated more than tap water, while some is treated less or not treated at all.”

5. You can save money: When buying an eco friendly bottled water system, you can save money in the end by filling your own water bottles, whether for personal or business use.