Tishman Speyer Turns to Vero for Bottled Water Needs

Tishman Speyer Turns to Vero for Bottled Water Needs

Since starting its business in 1978, Tishman Speyer has operated over 170 properties across United States. In total, that’s 89 million square feet of commercial space, which requires very complex logistics from Tishman Speyer staff and employees.

Vero Water eco friendly water is offered to Tishman Speyer guests and employees as a luxurious amenity. This supports the claim that Vero Water is largely synonymous with quality, and can be used by any business to show that they mean business.

Vero Water water bottling systems quickly became a status landmark. Yet, Vero Water products prove themselves to be a complete opposite of an investment. Vero Water saves money to their clients, who are enjoying the best value for money ratio on the market.

Once again, Vero Water is proud to play a part in success of its clients. By having Tishman Speyer as a client, Vero Water showcases the versatility of its products and their application in any industry imaginable.

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