Three Ways To Up Your Water Consumption

Three Ways To Up Your Water Consumption

People need water to function, plain and simple. Due to the amount of “other” drinks on the market including highly caffeinated beverages that actually dehydrate you, it’s more difficult to get enough water in your system on a daily basis. Below are 3 ways to improve your daily water consumption:

Buy a large water bottle. If you have a large water bottle around that is full, then you’re more apt to drink from it. Getting water is the difficult part. People get lazy and don’t want to constantly refill a smaller cup. If you fill a large container for yourself and sip it throughout the day, you’ll easily increase your water consumption.

Add sliced citrus. Sliced citrus in your water tastes delicious and makes it more interesting to drink. Many people complain that water tastes like nothing so they’d rather not drink it. If you slice lemons, oranges and even add some mint and cucumbers, your water will taste delicious and excite you to drink it.

Make it a priority. At the end of the day, if you don’t make drinking water a priority, it will probably get swept under the rug. Incentivize yourself to drink water or make a game out of it. If the health benefits are not enough to up your consumption, then make a reason to do it. When your body functions better, you’ll thank yourself for the push.

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