The Future Of Water According To Bill Gates

There was a story going around this past week about Bill Gates drinking water that was distilled from human faeces. Yes, you read it right. You can read the BBC’s version of the article here. While many news outlets used this story to make a joke, the underlying premise is amazing.

Bill Gates is concerned with providing clean drinking water to the developing world. WaterAid claims that around 748 million people worldwide lack clean drinking water. That is an amazing statistic when you think of our relationship with water. It is often difficult to comprehend going a moment without water.

Turning human waste into drinking water, as crazy as it sounds, kills two birds with one stone. You not only provide people with clean drinking water, but also help with improving sanitation. For anyone interested in the possible future of water in developing countries and new technologies, check out the article. It’s important that we continue developing and changing our clean water technologies to efficiently serve the world.

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