Study Says Shoppers That Bring Their Own Grocery Bags Buy More Junk Food

There was a recent study reported in the Atlantic showing how grocery shopper’s preferences changed with the decision to bring a bag or not. Shoppers that brought bags with them were 13% more apt to buy organic groceries, which makes sense. However, they were also 7% more inclined to buy junk food like cookies and chips.

The theory for the 13% increase is that people who bring their own bags are most likely already environmentally conscious and know the benefits of buying organic groceries. The theory for the 7% increase is that when people do something noble like bring their own bag, they feel that they deserve a reward. While this sounds a bit stretched, there is empirical data showing this exact behavior.

This is an amazing article in that it shows the counterintuitive effect of human psychology. Does that mean when someone drinks from one of our water filters rather than from a commercial water bottle, they counterbalance that act of environmental awareness with dessert? We don’t have an answer to that, but it’s an interesting question to think about.

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