Starbucks Under Fire For Bottling Water California

First it was Nestlé’s bottled water fiasco in the last few weeks when it was discovered that they have a significant water bottling operation in California. Well here comes the next big company doing the same thing.

Ethos Water, a bottled water company that is owned by Starbucks and sold at their retail locations sources some of their water in California’s Placer County and has a production facility in Merced, two areas that are classified as in “exceptional drought” conditions per Mother Jones.

It takes about 1.39 liters of water to make a liter of bottled water. However, when you calculate production and other factors, that number increases exponentially. People in California are upset because they have limits on water they can use for themselves.

For every $1.95 bottle of Ethos Water that is purchased, 5 cents goes to help get water to those without, especially in Africa. The problem is that they are sourcing water from a drought stricken area to sell to the public, which ultimately funds their philanthropic effort bringing water to Africans in need. It’s not an easy situation with the lack of water in California.

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