Sriracha unveils new products including popcorn

Sriracha has landed, or as many jaded foodies proclaim is on its way out. From Taco Bell commercials to news stories of towns reeking so strongly of Sriracha that they wanted to shut the plant down, that iconic bottle filled with bright red spicy pepper sauce is the craze of the day.

As the Huffington Post recently noted, Huy Fong foods (maker of Sriracha) has finally gotten into the snack business after years of other companies using its sauce to make tasty and lucrative treats. Huy Fong is now in business with Pop! Gourmet to make gourmet Sriracha popcorn.

So finally an original Sriracha product was unveiled last week. When the country’s biggest brands are making their own Sriracha flavored products, like Heinz’s Sriracha Ketchup and Tabasco’s new hot sauce bottle that is not surprisingly shaped like a Sriracha bottle, it’s interesting that this is the first time that the original got in on the action.

Sriracha is still the sauce of the day and you can enjoy it really on everything. Sriracha snacks will have their time, but the real question is, what’s next?

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