So Where Is All That Bottled Water Produced?

So Where Is All That Bottled Water Produced?

We spoke in a previous news article about how a large portion of commercial bottled water is being produced in drought-ridden California. This nice graphic from Upworthy shows exactly where four top bottled water companies: Arrowhead, Crystal Geyser, Aquafina and Dasani are sourcing their water.

While Arrowhead gets most of their groundwater from the most affected areas, the most interesting thing about the layout on this map is the amount of municipal tap water that is being sourced from those same severely dry areas to hydrate the country. It’s difficult to understand what the long-term impact of their business practices will lead too, but there’s definitely not enough water for local uses, let alone the rest of the country.

Our reliance on commercial bottled water needs to change soon or the consequences could be inevitable. It seems like things are on the cusp of catastrophe, and it’s important for lawmakers and society to come together for the longevity of our natural ecology.

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