Senator Hotels & Resorts Commits to the Environment by Adopting Vero Water

Senator Hotels & Resorts Commits to the Environment by Adopting Vero Water

Hotels and resorts globally are committing to sustainability. In Spain, Senator Hotel & Resorts is doing just that by focusing on reducing carbon emissions, waste, and properly managing their water consumption. Switching to Vero Water has enabled their resorts across Spain to reach their sustainability goals by reducing single use plastic waste and their carbon footprint dramatically. Read what they had to say below:

At Senator Hotels & Resorts we are fully aware of the environment and are committed to sustainability in all our establishments. Proof of this is in our Environmental Management Committee, which is exclusively responsible for coordinating, planning and executing all the environmental actions that we carry out.


Our objective is to develop a sustainable tourism model, based on three fundamental pillars: the reduction of emissions, the adequate management of water, and the recycling and reduction of waste. To this end, we have adopted numerous measures in the establishments, such as the inclusion of Vero Water, an internationally renowned purified water brand, in our menus.

Purity and Sustainability

Vero Water is a water purification and bottling system that reduces CO2 emissions and waste to zero. The water is served in reusable glass bottles, with a functional and durable design, which can be refilled as many times as desired in the dispensers enabled in the restaurant. Within these dispensers, water flows through 5 different filtration stages to reduce all kinds of impurities, without generating waste during the process. Once the purification is complete, water is ready to be served, either still or sparkling.


With the innovative Vero Water system, we manage to minimize our carbon footprint and eliminate plastic and glass single waste. In Spain alone, more than 5,500,000 liters of water are bottled per year, with this system we help reduce more than 500,000 containers per year. In addition, we also diminish the impact of fuel waste because the bottled water is poured on-site and does not need to be transported. Vero Water offers so many benefits, that more and more restaurants and hotel chains are implementing this system.

Joining the change 

At Senator Hotels & Resorts we want to contribute to improve planet, for this reason we have been adapting our operating model for years to reduce the impact that our activity produces on the environment, in short, we joined the change towards a more sustainable model.

Our Results

  • Between 2016 and 2018 we reduced our carbon emissions by 12.6%.
  • In 2018 and 2019, our we reduced our CO2 emissions by 62% thanks to the acquisition of certified green energy.
  • With the use of drip irrigation systems, we now save more than 40% of water consumption.

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