Reopening Guidelines

Reopening Guidelines

As restaurants begin to reopen across the country, we want to assure you that as always, we are here for you. We know that hospitality experience will be different for a while, and want to provide you with our recommended best practices when serving Vero Water to your guests.

To download a system restart guide, click here.

Filling Vero Water Bottles

Only commercial dishwasher sanitized Vero Water bottles should be filled by waitstaff wearing proper PPE (face mask and gloves) as required by the CDC, local and state governments. All used bottles must be properly sanitized in a dishwasher prior to be refilled, even if served to the same table. When filling Vero bottles, place the sanitized bottle on the alignment guides to avoid any contact between the bottle and the tap.

Serving Vero Water to Your Guests

In order to limit contact between your waitstaff and guests, we recommend presenting guests with a full bottle of Still and/or Sparkling Vero Water at the beginning of their meal. This bottle should remain on the table until it is empty. Once empty, the bottle should be replaced with a brand new, freshly sanitized bottle. The original, used bottle should then be properly sanitized in a commercial dishwasher before it is reused. Following this process, will reduce contact between your waitstaff and guests, as your staff will no longer have to refill individual glasses of water throughout the meal. Guests should refill their own glasses with the bottle of Vero Water already on their table. This also ensures that a bottle used at one table, is not later used at another table, therefore minimizing the number of people who touch it.

Realize Revenues With Vero Water

We understand that due to social distancing guidelines, your restaurant will be operating reduced capacity. That’s why it’s more important than ever to maximize revenues.  Vero Water gives you of the opportunity to increase revenues with creative pricing, if you are not doing so already. With 85% of guests choosing to drink tap water during their meal, Vero Water offers great tasting, high-quality still and sparkling water, when offered at an attractive price has a proven 80% guest opt-in rate.  Restaurant guests are eager to resume a great dining experience, and Vero Water helps provide that to your guests. By charging as little as $1-$2 and quickly increase your revenues per guest at a time when every dollar counts.


Remember, single serve bottles travel a long way before arriving at your establishment. This means, the bottles meet many hands along the way and are subject to complex supply chains. Vero Water allows you to have full control over this process. A freshly sanitized Vero Water bottle simply has to travel from your kitchen to your guest. Because of this, you never have to worry about being out of stock and can still provide your guest with the most eco-friendly, great tasting and safe water possible.



As always. We thank you for your continued partnership and wish you, your employees, and your families the very best of health.