Preparing For The Holidays: Thanksgiving Wine Pairings For Everyone

Did you know that drinking Vero Water instead of tap will enhance the flavors of wine where tap water tends to break the flavors down? It’s an amazing fact that not many people are aware of. By using a water bottling system, you are not only putting the cleanest water into your body, but also allowing your palate to taste the complexities of the food and drink that you consume.

The New York Times published their 11th annual Thanksgiving wine pairings article this week. We suggest you check it out here for some great price conscious options to meet your Thanksgiving drinking expectations and goals.

It’s not a secret that the holiday season is filled with food and drink. Depending on how much you and/or your family and friends drink, you can use this guide to get some great ideas. The basis for their decisions is 2 fold: the first is versatility. You need more all-purpose wines that go with a lot of different food. Secondly, energy is important when choosing a wine, because the last thing you want on Thanksgiving is a heavy wine that knocks you out. There’s enough food for that.

Enjoy yourself and don’t forget to hydrate. Water is your best friend throughout the holiday season.

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