Olive Garden Food Truck Invades Boston’s North End

When you hear the word food truck, the Olive Garden is usually not the first restaurant that comes to mind. All things popular are eventually adapted by the masses and the Olive Garden hit the streets of Boston’s North End, letting all who cared try their new breadstick sandwiches.

According to NPR, the truck’s visit was controversial because of the North End’s history as a local Italian neighborhood. People love their fresh Italian food, and bringing in a mass produced national company didn’t sit too well with everyone.

If you’ve ever had an amazing, convenient food truck meal, then you know what a great experience it is. Regardless of what we choose to eat, bigger business food trucks are inevitable as a marketing tool. If you like it or not, you have a choice to partake. People like the Olive Garden and there’s a reason why they have 800 stores around the country.

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