New Handheld Technology Tells Exactly What’s In Your Food Or Drink

Ever wonder what’s really in your food when you go to a restaurant? Have you ever drunk water that just didn’t taste very clean? Well this issue may soon be a thing of the past. An Israeli company invented a handheld molecular sensor that can do exactly that.

A person will now be able to see what’s really in the food or beverage that they ordered, or even what other things like their clothing is made out of. Do you think that a handbag that you bought is a cheap knockoff? Check out what it’s made of with this crafty new piece of technology. It’s still in development, but things are moving in the right direction.

Transparency and technology is the name of the game and information is king. We spend a lot of money as consumers on everything, and it’s important to know exactly what we paid for. It’s amazing to think that this might be the norm in the near future and anything that protects us from dishonest practices is a step in the right direction.

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