New App Matches Surplus Food With Homeless Shelters

About one in six people in the United States do not have adequate access to food. This fact may surprise you since we don’t live in a third world country, but this is a legitimate problem that is right in our faces.

The beauty about technology is in its ability to do good. Feeding Forward is one of those helpful apps. It lines up business’ that have a surplus of food with homeless shelters in their vicinity. A driver then comes, picks it up and delivers it.

On-demand apps are all the rage these days, with companies like Uber taking center stage. Feeding Forward is able to cut the time between leftover and donation, giving more time for the food to stay fresh and ultimately feed more people. When you can do things in real time, you get much faster results.

As we move forward, it’s important that we use technology to fix important problems. Feeding Forward is one of those apps and we commend their innovation.

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