New 365 By Whole Foods Market Stores Geared Towards Millennials

If you didn’t hear the news in May that Whole Foods is opening up a lower-cost sister chain of stores geared towards millennials, then get ready. Whole Foods just announced that they have chosen a name for their new brand, and it’s a name that we’re already used to.

The name of the stores will be, ‘365 by Whole Foods Market’ and they will include mainly 365 Whole Foods branded products as well as other national brands. The stores are slated to open up at the beginning of next year.

Millennials and younger shoppers are more concerned about what’s in their food and want simpler ingredients. Whole Foods sees that demand and wants to provide something more affordable that doesn’t infringe on quality.

As the way people eat changes, even the king of organic grocery stores needs to adapt to the ever-evolving market. It’s not just the Walmarts and Targets that are trying to be more like Whole Foods. Whole Foods is trying to be more like them as well.

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