Nestlé Bottling Water In Drought Stricken California On Expired Permit

The big water news of the week came out of the West Coast. It seems like all water news is coming out of the West Coast these days. According to Newsweek, Nestlé has not only continued its water bottling operation using scarce California water resources, but also without a permit.

Their permit to transport water across the San Bernardino National Forest expired in 1988, 27 years ago! If activists weren’t all worked up before, they’re steaming now. Sourcing bottled water from California is not a sustainable practice and needs to change.

Proponents of bottled water claim that the amount of water used for bottling is negligible compared to that used for agriculture. However, they are avoiding the fact that there are better and more sustainable practices available.

A water bottling system is an easy way to reduce bottled water use. Once we realize that filling and refilling a reusable bottle is as convenient as buying a bottle of water without any sacrifice in taste, we’ll be able to shift towards a more sustainable practice nationally.

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