Nasa Scientist Warns That California Has One Year Of Water Left

We have periodically given updates about the California drought and how that affects their farmers, business’ and society as a whole. Well, the water issue in California has just intensified. A NASA senior water propulsion scientist named Jay Famiglietti shook the news with his declaration in an LA Times op-ed piece last week that California only has one year of water left in its reserves.

With a recent heat wave hitting California as well as a hot summer on the horizon, is there a solution to this problem? The state did call for people to reduce their water use by 20%, but at the end of the day, not enough people are complying with this measure to make a real difference.

The article goes on with his opinion that infrastructure needs to be built today to handle the water demands of the future, not tomorrow. We felt the same way at Vero Water when we designed our sustainable water filtration system that unlike many of our peers produces zero waste-water during purification. If we do not start practicing water conservation now, only time will tell what kind of trouble this will cause us in the very near future.

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