Millennials Turning Food Industry On Its Head

Millennials Turning Food Industry On Its Head

Did you know that the over the last five years, the top 25 American food and beverage companies lost a total of $18 billion? According to Fortune, that number is mainly due to millennials’ food preferences and their demand for transparency. Smart phones give people more information about pricing, quality and health facts of their favorite foods, supermarkets and restaurants. People are making more informed decisions because of this.

While millennials are often scrutinized and blamed for everything, this is their gift. They are forcing big food to change its deceptive and unhealthy practices. They will not stand for anything artificial or hydrogenated and even fast food restaurants are following suit.

Whole Foods is opening its new 365 branded stores geared towards millennials because of this trend. The need to tap into the more informed, price conscious consumer is the new name of the game and only the most innovative and flexible companies will survive.


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