Miami Beach's Ola Serves Vero Water

Ola is a Latin American Cuisine restaurant located at the Sanctuary Hotel in the city of Miami Beach, Florida, walking distance from Lincoln Road and South Beach’s most luxurious resorts and hotels. From Mexico to Argentina, Ola offers a fabulous culinary trip and provides its guests with an incredible gastronomic adventure. The world renowned Chef Rivadero keeps satisfying Ola’s customers with his creative and delicious meals made with the freshest ingredients.

As the team wanted to reduce the restaurant’s expenses and environmental impact, it was looking for the best eco friendly restaurant bottled water. Vero Water is the number one brand in providing bottled water systems; offering its  guests a top quality safe, affordable and clean water. This dedication to quality has played an important role in getting Ola amazing reviews and great customer satisfaction.

As a top-level water bottling system, Vero Water is proud to partner with renown restaurants such as Ola and will keep satisfying its clients with the best tasting purified water you can find on the market.