Mario Batali’s New Web Series “Feedback Kitchen” Premieres With Flea

One of America’s best known chefs is back at it again. Mario Batali, television star and restauranteur, has created a new web series called “Feedback Kitchen”, where he pairs himself with five musicians including Flea, the Edge, Patti Smith, Perry Farrell and Josh Groban to discuss food and music. During the inspired conversations, he serves them a special lunch as well. You can check out the five new episodes on Dailymotion here.

When it comes to the creative process in music and cooking, there are more parallels than you think. This connects Batali, along with his love for music and musicians, with his interviewees, delivering a special experience. Here is a video of Batali interviewed on CNBC promoting his new show. Check it out and see for yourself. It really gives a sneak peak into the minds of creative geniuses.

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