Keep Water Pure by Avoiding Water Pollution

Only one percent of water on our planet is suitable for human consumption. Because of companies dumping chemicals into our water sources, individuals throwing garbage into bodies of water near urban areas, and chemical runoff polluting our groundwater, the amount of clean water available to humans is quickly decreasing. Not only is there less drinking water for us, wildlife are becoming extinct and ecosystems are being destroyed. There are a variety of things that ordinary citizens can do to prevent water pollution. It is everyones’ responsibility to take the steps necessary to lessen water pollution and prevent it from causing further damage to our delicate ecosystems.

1. Make Smarter Water Choices

This might sound simplistic, but by reducing the amount of water you use, you will reduce the amount of water that flows into sewage treatment systems. You can decrease your water consumption by taking a shower instead of a bath, turning the water off while you’re brushing your teeth, and also while washing the dishes. Insisting that restaurants you visit serve environmentally friendly bottled water like Vero Water also minimizes water waste.


2. Use Environmentally Friendly Household Products

Don’t use household products that contain chemicals. Instead, use green products, like biodegradable soap and all-natural toiletries. To clean your house, stop using bleach and chemical cleaners and use vinegar instead.


3. Apply Natural Pesticides and Fertilizers

The use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers leads to water pollution because contaminated water seeps into ground water, and runs off into nearby water sources. Natural pesticides that you can use include insecticidal soap and pyrethrum. Natural fertilizers include wood ash, grass clippings, and animal manure.


4. Don’t Litter

Avoid littering in rivers, lakes, and oceans. If you’re really feeling motivated, gather a group of friends and family members to clean up litter on the beach and near other bodies of water. Make sure that you dispose of the litter in an appropriate waste disposal area.


5. Dispose of Toxic Products with Care

Make sure to dispose of toxic products, such as paints, solvents, and polishes, in the proper area. Don’t pour them down your drain. Better yet, avoid toxic products altogether and use environmentally friendly products instead (as tip #2 states!).