JW Marriott Uses Vero Water to Go Green

Revered Hotel Chain, JW Marriott, has chosen Vero Water to provide their downtown Indianapolis location with the best in sustainable bottled water.  Considered the crown jewel of the JW Marriott Hotel and Resort collection, the Indianapolis hotel is the perfect place to make a statement in the hospitality industry, by committing to going green. Choosing Vero as the supplier of bottled water to their guests means drastically reducing the JW Marriott’s carbon footprint while simultaneously providing their guests with high-quality water through Vero’s pioneering water filtration systems.  Under its prodigious roof, the Indianapolis location houses two exceptional restaurants, High Velocity and Osteria Pronto.

Vero Water is the solution to the JW Marriott’s dilemma: increase bottled water sales and go green. With Vero’s incomparable pricing structure, this partnership is nothing shy of perfect as the hotel offers guests Vero Water at only $1 a bottle. Vero Water is the solution to a long standing problem for many hotels, resorts and restaurants. JW Marriott is proud to partner with the industry leader in eco-friendly bottled water, Vero Water.