How to be more Eco-Friendly in Foodservice Industry

How to be more Eco-Friendly in Foodservice Industry

In a world where we are each doing our part to develop more sustainable practices, you may realize how wasteful the foodservice industry can be. From food waste to single-use waste, there are several avenues to develop more sustainable practices in the industry. Here are a few simple ways to start making  difference in the food service industry:


We all know about recycling, but so many businesses don't focus on it. Encourage your staff and customers to recycle instead of throwing items away. By placing clearly marked and accessible recycling bins throughout your business, staff and customers can make a simple eco-friendly decision. It is critical to mark the recycling bins clearly with instructions so items are properly discarded. 

Eliminate Single-Use Plastic

From plastic bags, to water bottles, and plasticware, single-use plastic is everywhere in the foodservice industry. Although recycling is a great option, eliminating single-use plastic completely is an even better solution. There are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives your business can use.  Switching to reusable items for all dine-in guests such as ceramic coffee mugs and drinking glasses eliminates the waste from entering landfills completely. Using systems such as Vero Water enables you to serve premium still & sparkling water to your customers in a luxury water bottle without any single-use. You still get all the benefits of a premium brand, without the single-use waste.  You can even use this to make craft beverages.

Swap Your Take Out Containers

Every day there are more and more solutions for sustainable take out containers. Don't use plastic, find compostable solutions that are just as durable. Moreover, always ask customers if they would like a bag and utensils before assuming they do. Every small change makes a difference. 

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