How You Can Demand Less Plastic From Your Favorite Hotels

How You Can Demand Less Plastic From Your Favorite Hotels

You make an effort to use less plastic every day, but what about when you travel? It's difficult to maintain your sustainable practices when you break your routine and are away from home. With plastic all over hotels (water bottles and cups in your room, mini shampoo and conditioner bottles, and so much more), it seems like using plastic is out of your control when you travel. Many hotels are now moving towards more sustainable practices but you can help push those efforts even further. 

As consumers, we are in the unique situation of being able to put pressure on big brands to make change. If there's plastic water bottles, ask for glass and a water station to refill it. Fill out feedback surveys requesting eco-friendly options. Vote with your dollar by staying at hotels that care about sustainability and are making major strides in this space. 

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