Happy Earth Day From Vero Water

On April 22, Earth Day was celebrated for the 45th time internationally. It’s amazing to think that a planet that has been alive for so long has only had 45 “birthdays”. So the question is, what do you do to celebrate Earth Day?

Earth day for us is more of a day of reflection. Rather than do something specific like an “Earth Day resolution” or something silly like that, we prefer to take the time and reflect about what we’re doing professionally to help the planet.

Every day is really Earth Day. We don’t need to be hyper vigilant, but it’s important that we are consistently aware of how we contribute to the degradation of the Earth and steps we can take that will have a minimal impact on our lives and a large impact on the environment.

Changing our dependence on plastic commercial bottled water is an example of a positive step that will push us in a more sustainable direction. Commercial bottled water stretches our resources and changes the ecology of the environment and especially the ocean because of all the plastic waste associated with it.

Happy Earth Day from the Vero Water family. We hope you had as good a day as we did.

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