Gary Rack Partners With Vero Water For Farmhouse Kitchen

Gary Rack Partners With Vero Water For Farmhouse Kitchen

Florida restaurateur Gary Rack’s latest concept, Farmhouse Kitchen, will be open for business starting in November 2014. Construction is already underway to transform Rack’s Table 42 space in Boca Raton into a homey environment where patrons will enjoy farm fresh fare sourced from local purveyors.

In order to drive its health-forward, eco-friendly approach, Farmhouse has turned to Vero Water to supply purified still and sparkling water in reusable glass bottles. This partnership not only translates into a reduced carbon footprint but also a great tasting addition to Farmhouse’s beverage selection.

Rack says, “It’s been a dream of mine to open a restaurant with a menu that captivates the better-for-you foods that leave you happily satisfied while not guilty. Beyond serving good food, we have a mission to provide a lifestyle.”

Modeled after a series of Rack’s own healthy lifestyle changes and executed under the expertise of Culinary Director, Matthew Danaher, Farmhouse Kitchen is bound to be a great addition to South Florida’s food scene this fall.

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