Forget About Food Trucks; Welcome Food Bikes!

Just when you thought food trucks were about to taking over popular urban areas and culture, a new concept has hit the streets and the results are pretty amazing. Here’s a great article from NPR about the rise in food bikes as a viable mobile food business.

Food bikes make sense not just from an environmental standpoint, but also from a financial standpoint. A bike costs much less than a truck and obviously costs less to run. It’s easier to get to places in traffic ridden urban areas on a bike with the ability to weave through traffic. There is much lower overhead. The list goes on.

Don’t be surprised if somewhere in the near future, you’re getting your delicious coffee from a food bike as well as the best street food can offer. Sounds pretty great to us. It’s funny that with all the technological advancements that we’ve made in history, the most efficient way to provide great food on the move these days is with one of our first modes of transportation: the bicycle.

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