FDA Sets Trans Fat Restriction

The FDA restricted the use of trans fats in food products last week and decided on a three-year phase out period to not disrupt the commerce of companies that need to reformulate their products. Trans fats have been an integral of the American food supply for the better part of the last century, until it was realized in the 80’s that partially hydrogenated oils are not safe for human consumption.

Before trans fats were previously restricted and brought to society’s attention, people were not aware that they were eating food that actually made their body’s sick. When you put things in your body that it doesn’t recognize as food, you open yourself up to a whole host of problems. Nutrition is a higher priority these days with many people dying from diet related diseases, and the largest processed food companies are finding it necessary to adjust to that change to survive.

With obesity rates staggering, the move to almost fully restrict hydrogenated oils was urgent. Our dependence upon packaged, long-term shelf stable food is a thing of the past and the FDA’s move made that clear.

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