David Chang Food Delivery App Launching In NYC

A delicious, gourmet dinner for $15 delivered in 30 minutes? How about lunch for $12? Welcome to Maple and the new world of food delivery apps in New York as reported by Eater. While the food app revolution seems to be going on in San Francisco, this David Chang and investor backed enterprise is ready to go live.

The way it works is they have three daily choices per meal for lunch and dinner. The recipes and meals are created by Soa Davies of Le Bernardin fame, with input from other chefs as well. However, the meals are touted as straightforward “every day” food; Food that you want to eat.

The catch is that Maple is only launching in the Financial District in New York City, so a limited amount of people will be able to try and hopefully enjoy it. They plan to expand once they figure out how to manage this smaller area and work out all the kinks.

It’s amazing to watch technology move in the food and especially the food delivery business. People are constantly finding new ways to make our busy and hectic lives more efficient. If you live in the financial district, give Maple a shot. Maybe you’ll have a new go-to for when you just don’t have time.

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