Carbonated Water Myths And Facts

Carbonated Water Myths And Facts

Time Online just ran a story about carbonated water and the many myths associated with it. You can read the whole article here. Long story short, the myths are not true. Seltzer does not leach calcium from your bones or rot the enamel of your teeth. It is just as good for you as drinking regular water.

As a sugar based carbonated drink alternative, carbonated water (otherwise known as sparkling water) is a great way to get that daily hydration that your body needs. Also, if you don’t love carbonated water, you may just be drinking one with too much carbonation or too little. Everyone’s preference is different.

Many restaurants are now carrying sparkling water as an alternative to flat that’s not commercially bottled. Our Vero systems produce both carbonated and flat water, giving restaurants, businesses and home machine owners both options with the same refreshing taste.

The take home is if you haven’t tried sparkling water, give it a try. And if you don’t, it just might be the kind you’re drinking. Regardless, get your water in any way you can and stay hydrated!

When it comes to in-house filtered water, Vero water is quickly becoming the name in clean, refreshing and cost effective commercial and personal hydration. Many of the best restaurants and hospitality groups in the United States agree. Vero not only saves their clients money, but also provides them with a technologically superior, environmentally aware and sophisticated water bottling system. To learn more about Vero Water, check out their website, as well as their Facebook, Twitter and Intstagram pages.