Can The Beer Industry Survive In California Under Severe Drought Conditions?

If you’ve been out to California and drink craft beer, then you’re well aware that there are a myriad of options always at your fingertips. While it’s obvious that a can of beer is largely made up of water (about 92%), people don’t really know how much water goes into actually producing beer. Needless to say, enough that it may affect beer producers in the near future.

A lot of water is used to clean the tanks at breweries and that’s enough to put their businesses in peril. They say that there’s conservatively about 3-5 years of water left, but breweries are already packing and ramping up locations in other parts of the country. You can add beer to the list of industries already affected by the drought in California.

It’s important to be aware of your part in the water conservation process. As an individual, a home water bottling system is a good way to sustainably use tap water for consumption. You don’t need to rely on bottled water or other wasteful water sources to get the same clean water that you expect.

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